Sophie Marguerite Bertoch

Sophie Marguerite Bertoch is here! She was born March 16th, 2018 at 9:08am weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces (rounded up from 7lb 1.8 ounces lol) and was 19.5 inches long. πŸ™‚

It is funny how each pregnancy and delivery can be different from each other! So we found out I was already dilating to a 2 on March 7th at my 38 week check up. Which is odd for me. With the other girls I didn’t have anything at all until labor. I literally went from 0 to labor…so already being a 2, it kicked our senses into high gear and we prepared for her to come within the next day or so. Well…she didn’t haha. We were all on edge! The whole week! I made sure every night we had things laid out and a plan etc lol. So then I had my next appointment with the doctor March 14th when I was still a 2, and only 50% effaced, we accepted it and figured I probably won’t be that early from the March 20 due date. I had some contractions here and there but they were very fleeting.

Thursday evening March 15th I started having more slightly consistent contractions (after having a dance party with the girls πŸ˜‰ ). They would fluctuate between 10-15 minutes. Not too painful. But after an hour or so (and a warm shower) they faded out. With Bailey I had had similar type of “warning” contractions before going into labor, so for good measure we decided to call Adam’s Mom over to stay the night just in case. Sure enough I was woken up at 4am with painful contractions! 3 minutes apart right from the get go! I was still slightly skeptical and was going to wait a while before heading in… but Adam said nope and started the car haha. And luckily he did because on the drive to the hospital they were getting more painful very quickly. We had to go through the ER entrance since the main entrance was still locked for the night, and labor and delivery sent a nurse to come grab me. In the triage room the contractions got worse and worse. She checked me and I was a 4, and they were waiting for some verification from the doctors office before they could start me on the antibiotics. (I was group strep B positive….for the third time haha). After probably 45 min they went ahead and checked me and I was a 5 and having contractions a little over 2 min apart. I was being pretty vocal in the triage room and pretty sure I scared the mom in the stall area next to me haha. They finally got the go ahead to place my Iv and I was admitted. At this point my contractions literally feel like they are ripping me in half and I am drenched in sweat. I begged them to hurry with the epidural and they had to wait for my first iv fluid bag to finish and for the anesthesiologist to head over, so it was probably about 45 min before he was able to come and place it. Boy was I ready! My contractions were so close together and it was killin me! (It’s the first time in all 3 labors that I was actually crying in pain. Women who deliver without any medication are my hero. Because holy crap.)
In fact, I had a contraction in the middle of my epidural and that was interesting haha having to sit as still as I could with a needle sticking into my spine and my uterus hating me πŸ˜‚
Once the medicine kicked in I was a happy camper! And exhausted! I immediately passed out and slept and started progressing in dilation; in just 15 min I jumped to a 6. I had told the nurses how my previous labors progressed very quickly once I had the epidural, so they were trying to have the doctor come to check on me and pop my water, but they couldn’t get ahold of him. Turns out he was in surgery so didn’t tell anyone, so finally at the 2 hour mark the nurse went ahead and checked me and I was definitely ready to go, so she called the on call doc, who broke my water and I was ready to push! I was sooo numb, so they were flopping me around haha. I did one push and her head was out! They sucked out all the fluids and waited for the next contraction for me to push the rest of her out. Her birth itself was so peaceful and calm! It was just me and Adam and the doc and a nurse. There was no rush and we just enjoyed the snuggles while I got stitched up and good to go. Sophie was so quiet! In fact when she was halfway out, I was nervous and asked if she was breathing and okay, and the doctor laughed and said she was just checking things out. From actual labor to her birth was barely 5 hours, and I really think they they could have checked me an hour earlier and I would have been ready to deliver then…So it was quick! I am thankful to be done and have her here and to close the chapter on birthing children and can now focus on rearing them πŸ™‚ And I will be totally fine never having to have contractions again πŸ˜‰

Adam went and brought his mom and the girls to come see Sophie for the first time and it melted my heart! Bailey walks into the room and I showed her that Sophie is here and out of my tummy, and she looks at me with excitement shock and said really?!?!? It blew her mind that we were telling the truth about a baby being inside me haha. And then one of the first things Bailey says to Sophie is “Happy Birthday!” It was so sweet! Claire was more into the fact that I was in the room and she wanted me to hold her…and then explore the hospital room πŸ˜‰ But it was such a sweet first meeting of the girls. They warmed up to her so fast and were in awe of her tiny features.

I have been recovering very well. My only complication is a spinal headache from the epidural (which I know had to be from the contraction I had in the middle of it) but I am managing. πŸ™‚ It forces me to slow down a bit and lay down I guess haha. We were discharged to go home like 28 hours after I gave birth! It was awesome! I was ready to be home and resting and in my own space with my whole little family.

We walked in the door with lots of love greetings and sweet decorations from Stacey and the girls πŸ™‚ Bailey immediately had us sing happy birthday to Sophie and couldn’t contain how happy she was that we were all together. I am so blessed and lucky to have my family.

We are now getting used to a “new normal” and explaining things like breastfeeding and belly button cords to concerned toddlers πŸ˜‰

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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New Adventures!

So the past couple months have been an exciting one for a couple reasons. I am 38 weeks today, so Sophie should be making her debut any day! I have a feeling she will be a bit earlier than the other two. And I am welcoming it! It is exhausting chasing 2 toddlers while being super huge and limited in movement haha. I was thinking last night, it will be weird whenever Sophie is Claire’s age, because I have never had a kid that age without being pregnant! Both Bailey and Claire were the same age whenever I got pregnant again haha. I am excited for Sophie to get here. She is already so loved. Everyday Bailey will come cuddle with me and give a hug and kiss to my belly and tell me how big Sophie is, and how she will come soon. She is such a good big sister. I am thankful for her sweet kind spirit. Claire is still a bit young to understand what will be coming up, but she loooooves her baby dolls. She will hold the babies tenderly and feed them pretend bottles and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. She can be pretty spunky with her little attitude…but she also has such a sweet tender heart. She is always asking if people are okay when someone is sad and she gives hugs and kisses freely. She also loves having her nails painted! I have been so blessed with my girls. While I of course still have days where I count down to bedtime and I have lost my patience…I wouldn’t change it for the world. My kids are my life. And I cant wait to add our final little member to it. I am so looking forward to not having to pack up and move and uproot. With Bailey and Claire we moved right after they were born haha so it feels good to nest a little bit! Although it is ironic because I only just got her bed ready yesterday, so we cut it a bit close this time! With Bailey I am pretty sure I had the bed ready when I found out she was a girl. Funny how multiple kiddos can change things haha.

While we may not be moving…we do have another big life change during this time! Adam has officially opened up his own private practice. On The Mend Counseling. This has been in the background works for a while, and the stars seemed to align and we have been guided by the Lord and we have taken the plunge! We always knew it would be the end goal, and it has been Adam’s dream for years, but we never expected it to come this soon. It has been great so far! Adam has a beautiful office in a great location and is so happy. He has always had very stressful high intensity type of therapy jobs. Usually high crisis type of jobs. So ironically, while being a business owner is stressful…this is probably the most relaxed I have seen him in years haha. It has been a neat experience for me too because my background with my communications degree allowed me to be a part of this process. I designed his logo, business cards, and website. It has been a really cool project that has brought us even closer together. In fact, I remember exactly where we were when we were discussing the name for the business. We were driving to Florida for Thanksgiving in the van with the girls and listening to some chill music and just throwing out some suggestions and dreaming about what it could be like. We came up with On The Mend Counseling on that drive. Just one of those memories I smile about. (you can check out his website:

So we have fun things going on! Sophie coming any day….becoming a business owner…2018 has been amazing so far! So many things to look forward to. I love my life and I am so grateful for how incredibly blessed we have been. I don’t deserve it, but I am so thankful.

I feel like so many awesome little things have happened in the last bit, but I am in a pregnancy fog haha so I will let all the bagillion pictures speak for memories themselves. πŸ™‚

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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God is Real

I want to share an experience I had this past week that was by far the scariest thing I have ever gone through; and how it further confirmed my testimony in my God and Savior.

The last few weeks our family has gone through all the head colds and yucky sicknesses going around. Claire was the last to catch it for us, and was having fevers that lasted, so I decided to take her in to get checked just in case. She ended up having an ear infection in her left ear and they gave her some anti biotics. Β This last Wednesday, when she was almost done with the 10 day anti-biotic regime, she spiked a high fever, but this time it was 104.6. She didnt have any other symptoms, other than the congestion she already had for weeks and being tired from being so hot. I called the nurse hotline for their doctor and asked if I should bring her in. They said to see if it comes down with fever reducing meds and monitor it. If it didnt bring down the fever, bring her in, but that regardless, I should schedule an appointment tomorrow to be seen just in case. Luckily the medicine worked and her fever went back down and we didnt have any issues that night other than an occasional cranky wake up. The next morning she seemed pretty normal and only had a low grade fever, but I felt I should still bring her in just in case, and booked her for the first appointment her doctors office had that day. Her primary doctor was not in for the day, but I have seen almost all of the doctors in that office, so it wasn’t an issue. I had a feeling she probably had an ear infection in the other ear or something, nothing too crazy.
In an hour from me taking her low grade fever temp, to sitting in the office and being called back she felt really hot. They took her temperature and it was back up to 104. They hurriedly gave her some motrin and ran a flu swab to see if she had caught the flu. While waiting for the results, the doctor came in and was talking with me about any additional symptoms and checked her lungs and things looked good. She was going to check on the flu status (which ended up being negative) and then finish the rest of the check up. She was almost out the door when I looked at Claire in my arms (who had been pretty much sleeping in my arms) and her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she started seizing. I freaked out and said “um she’s acting weird!” and the doctor turned around and said “she’s having a febrile seizure!” I frantically asked what should I do and she said to lay Claire down on her side on the table and the doctor called people to come help her into the office. Claire stopped seizing but was just limp, and I heard the doctor say “she’s not breathing! Get the crash cart and the oxygen!” She had been so congested that when she started seizing, mucous plugged her airway and was causing her to turn blue. At that point about 5-6 nurses and doctors rushed in and were working hard. I watched the doctor use several different nasal machines to suck out the mucus before they finally had to get a tiny tube and shove it down her nostrils and into her throat and turn the machine on to super suck it out. She started turning pink again. This whole time I am just standing in the back of the room bawling my eyes out and trying to not be in the way so they can work on making sure Claire is okay. When Claire was breathing, they monitored her oxygen to make sure it was coming back up and called an ambulance to take her to Texas Children’s to do some more tests. Febrile seizures shouldn’t usually cause kids to turn blue and not breathe, so they wanted to make sure there wasn’t an additional underlying cause. While waiting for the ambulance they monitored Claire, who was barely conscious and when she was awake, she was looking right through me. It was like she didnt even recognize me. Finally she just fell asleep and the doctors continued making sure her airways were clear and her oxygen levels were rising. (Her oxygen kept going up and down, so they were being vigilant in keeping up with it). The doctor checked her ears and her right ear looked like it had a bad ear infection, so she said she was going to recommend switching anti biotics, but will wait until she is seen at the ER in case they have a different diagnosis. It was at this point I finally got ahold of Adam and told him what was going on. He had a later work day so he was home getting Bailey from pre-school. Once the EMTs get there they get Claire hooked up to their monitors (who was now awake and knew who I was and crying for me) and ask me to grab my car seat from the van. I was a mess running through the lobby, sobbing, to go grab the car seat and come back. The nurse and doctor were so kind to me and asking if I needed anything, which only made me cry harder and I kept saying I would be fine. I had to shove all the feelings back down so I could get into the ambulance and to the ER and keep it together for Claire. I calmed down a bit in the ambulance and the EMT was being so kind and gentle with me and explaining febrile seizures and what to do when it happens and how to help with fevers etc. He had such a calming presence. Claire was not happy about being in the ambulance in the new environment. In fact she made it a point to yell at the EMT and gave him a piece of her mind. The EMT said this was a good sign and chuckled.

We got checked into the ER and vitals were taken and we were set up in a room. I called Adam and he said he was on his way and that he called into work and that his mom was going to watch Bailey. I was so thankful for that. I needed Adam with me so I could share my feelings and not carry this on my own. Claire was so tired and angry and hungry and just not happy. She wouldn’t let me sit and I had to hold her a certain way, so my 30 week pregnant body took a beating that’s for sure. But the adrenaline was still pretty fresh, so it hadn’t hit me quite yet. They came in and checked vitals and after a few hours finally came in and gave her an anti biotic shot in her leg and eventually we were discharged. When we were getting the discharge papers, the nurse told me to make sure and call the doctor from the office because she kept calling the er over and over. I thanked her and left. When we were driving to the office to pickup the van, I called the doctor and she told me to turn back around and go straight to the ER. She said she was frustrated because she ordered them to do some lab tests and they never did. She said the EMT never relayed the fact that she had turned blue after the seizure, so they didnt do the necessary tests, and she felt it was very important for us to turn around. I said okay and we turned around, a bit shaken up. We get there and they made us reregister and sit in the waiting room and wait, which was really frustrating. At this point the motrin was starting to wear off and her fever was climbing again, which was really freaking me out. I told the nurse and explained that she had just had a febrile seizure a couple hours ago and needed more fever meds. It took them foreeeeever. Claire started shivering and then I started turning into a blubbery mess and Adam was finally able to get a nurse to take us seriously about getting her some meds. Then we were taken back to get chest x-rays done to check that she didnt aspirate into her lungs when she was blue, and also to rule out pneumonia. Afterwards we sat for another couple hours before the er doctor finally came in and said she looked good. She said she didnt want to take blood because she felt Claire looked fine. She prescribed an antibiotic for the ear infection. We thanked her and left. Adam took me to the van and I left to go fill the prescription and Adam went to go pick up Bailey. At this point it was after 5pm. Claire appointment had been at 9:30am. It was a long day. And poor Bailey didnt know what was going on and she missed us all and knew there were crazy emotions going on (she is very sensitive to emotions) so she was a bit of a wreck too. When we were finally all home, I got a call from the doctor in the office asking how Claire was doing and that she wanted to see her the next morning and do some blood labs just in case. I agreed, and then that night we monitored fever meds and made sure she had something every few hours. Luckily Adam’s work said to take Friday off as well if he needed, which he did. I went to get Claire her labs, which was an ordeal in itself. Thankfully it was only a finger prick, but then they had to squeeze enough out to fill the little tube. I broke out in a sweat wrestling her for 5 minutes with her screaming bloody murder while the needle guy got his blood. Whew this girl is freakishly strong! They reswabbed for the flu, which was still negative, and then they needed a urine sample, so they stuck a baggy to her in her diaper and we waited foreeeever. They said I could go home and bring it back later if I needed. Thankfully we did. After being home for about an hour she finally peed and bit and I raced it to their office before they closed for lunch. I got a phone call from the doctor saying everything looked good, and that she may have had a virus on top of the ear infection, which could have also caused the fever spike, but that ultimately it seemed to be the ear infection. She said to just monitor her fevers and if anything changes then bring her back in. Since she has had one, she has more of a tendency to have them in the future now, so we will be making sure her fevers are monitored for a while!

Luckily she is now doing well and improving and been fever free for almost 2 days, and back to her joyful funny self.

This whole experience has been pretty traumatic….but I have felt such an outpouring of love and support from family and those around me. Checking in on us and helping us and praying for us. We have definitely felt it. I have such a strong testimony that God is real, even more so now after going through all of this. The night before Claire had her seizure, Adam had given her a blessing and it said that she would full recovery and be okay, and that her doctors will be inspired to help her as I listen to the spirit guide me. Well that was fulfilled. I had a feeling to bring her in, and happened to be in the doctors office when she had her seizure. Because she stopped breathing and the great effort it took to clear out the mucous, there is no way I would have been able to do that at home. It was a miracle. Claire is here today with us because of the Lord guiding me and her doctor to take the right action in the right moment. I am so grateful for His love and watching out for me and my little family.

I have a testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ, and that He not only knows exactly how I feel because of His Atonement, but He has sent people to me to help me and comfort me and bring peace during this time. Adam being number one. I couldn’t have done this without Adam by my side. Seeing him enter the ER gave me so much relief. The many kind and inspired words of others helping me through this is one I wont forget as well.

I still struggle with flashbacks. Images in my head of her seizing in my arms and limp on the table. It takes my breath away and I have to fight not to burst into tears. I am fighting urges to become a hermit and never let my kids back out in the world of sicknesses and harm…(in fact even going to church is a struggle, and I only made it through the first hour today…but baby steps). I have to learn to trust in the Lord and have faith. To remember to listen to the spirit guide me and I will never be alone. Because we are all never alone. Ever. We just need to turn to His open arms and let them envelope us, because they are always outstretched and waiting.

I am thankful for the things I have learned through this harrowing experience. And now I am off to go snuggle my girls and smooch their adorable faces.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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2017 Christmas and New Years

This holiday season seemed like a blur! A whirlwind of fun and family and sickness and magic and coldness and everything in between haha. It was special because all of Adam’s siblings and families were in town, so we had a huge party! It was so fun seeing all the cousins together and watching them grow and interact with each other. I loved it. Bailey’s oldest cousin Marcus was pretty protective over her and Claire because they were the only girls, and that made my heart happy. His parents are definitely teaching that boy some good principles πŸ˜‰
This was the first year that Bailey really got in the Santa magic, and it was so fun watching her get excited and wonder about Christmas morning! We have a cute video of her waking up Christmas morning and being in awe that Santa came and left them gifts. (of course she first made sure that Claire was okay since she was crying for Mama, before she even remembered about Santa. That girl has the biggest heart I tell ya.)
And then New Years was fun! We hung around with family and enjoyed dinner together and some fireworks. It is hard with little ones for New Years because the girls are in bed early, and Adam and I can barely last til midnight as it is haha so we played Zelda and then went to bed. One day when the girls are older we will make New Years an eventful holiday πŸ˜‰

I feel like so much happened with so many great memories, but it is so much easier to show them in pictures instead of describe it, so I will let them do the talking. (They wont be in any particular order haha)

I feel like I grew a great deal in 2017. I was called to be Primary President in Jan of this last year and I learned so much! I learned about balancing church life and family, about delegating, about dealing with different personalities that are different than mine in a loving manner, how to run an organization that has so many different aspects to it! Whew! It was a really great adventure. I think above anything else, my testimony of my Lord and Savior, and of His church grew exponentially. I cannot imagine my life without His guidance and His love, and I am so grateful that He gives both of those so willingly to me and my family, and everyone! Jesus Christ is real and He loves all of us and knows each one of us personally. That knowledge was solidified for me this past year through my experiences and trials. I am so thankful for that.
I was released a few weeks ago since I have some things coming up for my family that requires more of my time, but I am so thankful for the lessons I learned while serving, and the friends I have made along the way.

I know that coming up in 2018 we have more fun coming up for our family!! It is going to be a great year; between completing our family (yay for last pregnancy haha I feel like I am always pregnant! I am ready for all my babies to be here in my arms and make fun memories!) and Adam starting his own private practice and the journey that that brings! So it will be great!! I am very much looking forward to it πŸ™‚ And thankful to this year we have completed.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch


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2017 Bertoch Christmas Letter

2017 Bertoch Christmas Letter

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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Halloween and Thanksgiving 2017

So growing a third human while chasing two toddlers has exponentially increased my symptoms of Mommy brain….I can only imagine once Sophie is here! Which is coming soon! I woke up one morning and realized I was 6 months pregnant…when did that happen?!?

Also Halloween and Thanksgiving have already happened and now Christmas is around the corner….seriously, did someone give the Earth an extra spin or two??

On Halloween it was pouring rain, but we made the best of it! Bailey was a little shark, Claire was a little pumpkin, and we went trick or treating in Stacey’s neighborhood with Ally and the boys πŸ™‚ Claire preferred to jump in the puddles in the gutters…but Bailey was finally at the age where she looooved trick or treating. It was so fun. Rain and all πŸ™‚

The Astros won the World Series! I swear the celebration in Houston lasted a week! I loved seeing everyone wearing their Astros gear and being kind and friendly one with another. It was a moment to remember πŸ™‚ Houston really needed the win after Hurricane Harvey.

For Thanksgiving Adam and I decided to make a quick trip to Florida to see my family, and my brother AJ! He is doing the last leg of his tech school at Eglin AFB near my grandparents. It was so good seeing him. He is doing so well and I am so proud of him πŸ™‚ Β It was a whirlwind of a few days full of seeing so much family and I am so grateful we were able to go πŸ™‚ Traveling back the Sunday after Thanksgiving was crazy though! An 8 hour trip took about 13 hours. The girls were a champ! I think I was more annoyed about it than they were! Haha.

Christmas is coming fast! We put our tree up before Thanksgiving and Bailey has been so excited everyday for Christmas to come. Although she keeps telling me that it has to snow for Santa to come….I have to remind her that Texas is a bit too warm for that, but Santa will still come visit us πŸ˜‰ Although today it ended up being a Christmas miracle!Β Houston had a snow day! The girls woke up to a couple inches of snow on the ground and they were in heaven! It was nice that they wake up so early, because they had the fresh blanket of snow all to themselves. So I guess I had to eat my own words haha.

This last weekend we went to the Polar Express in Palestine Texas and it was a blast!!!!! Bailey was losing her mind over seeing and meeting Santa and getting a little bell. She loves the movie, and really took her ticket seriously. She kept holding it firm in both hands and repeatedly saying she cant lose it haha. Claire was along for the ride and enjoyed trying to hang out the window…we had to have an iron grip on that free spirited child haha.
Poor Claire has been so cranky the last couple weeks from teething and what not. Im crossing fingers she is finally getting back to her happy little self!

Bailey started preschool in November and she looooooves it! She is thriving and learning so much πŸ™‚ I am so proud of her πŸ™‚

All in all things are going well and we are continuing to enjoy life as a family and try and keep up with all the changes in our future πŸ™‚

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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King of the House of Girls

It’s a girl!! Sophie Marguerite Bertoch! Adam is king of the house! Coming March 20th πŸ™‚ Haha although, Bailey was born on her due date, Claire came a day early…so I wonder if Sophie will be born 2 days early to keep with the trend haha. So yes, we will have 3 girls for our little forever family. Am I bummed we will not have any boys? Yeah, I mean, I would have loved to have had a Momma’s boy in the mix of my Daddy’s girls haha. But I still get my share of cuddles and loves πŸ™‚ AndΒ I feel blessed that I was given the impression early on that this would be another girl. I have had a lot of time to prepare for this kind of news. Ironically, even after Bailey, I struggled being able to picture what it would be like to have a boy. I easily pictured girls. In fact, I remember telling Adam when we were pregnant with Claire and didn’t know she was a girl yet, that I felt so guilty that I cant picture a boy. I cant see it in my mind. What was wrong with me! I always correlated it with the fact that it was because my first kid was a girl. But now I am able to see that the Lord was preparing my heart. Specially since we were given a very clear answer that this was our last baby. I am grateful for His preparation, because I really am excited for our girly household. And Adam is such a good ‘girl’ dad. I am so lucky to have found him to be the father of our girls. His therapy knowledge will definitely come in handy come teenage time haha. I am also so blessed to be surrounded by a handsome group of nephews that I can love on and experience boy stuff with πŸ™‚

SOOOOO. It has been a bit since I’ve done some updating, but luckily and thankfully, I am not feeling sick anymore! I literally woke up one morning in my second trimester and the sun was shining again and I didnt feel like death haha. I still get super tired and have to remind myself that I am pregnant and still have to slow down a bit…which is always a fun game to play while chasing 2 toddlers. But I am happy again!

I have a feeling this will be more of a photo dump type of post, pregnant mommy brain is taking its toll! But we have been doing lots of fun activities during this fall so far, between painting pumpkins, trunk or treats, to going to pumpkins patches and farms etc. πŸ™‚ We are finally starting to see some fall coolness…up until now it has been grossly hot for October haha but I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel…hopefully. I wake up everyday expecting a high of 90 anyway to keep from being disappointed haha.

The girls are growing up so much. I feel like they wake up literally cognitively different than when they went to sleep on some days. Bailey will say something out of no where and I will look at her like…since when did you start thinking like a big kid? Using logic to answer a question I had said under my breath haha. She has become so much more aware of hers and other’s feelings. And she does listen to more than I realize…which can be good and bad haha. The other day I was frustrated that Claire crushed up crackers into the carpet (I was too lazy to make her sit at the table…so I told my 18 month old to not get crumbs everywhere…apparently I forgot to put my mom cap on that morning) and I was obviously frustrated and was grabbing something from the kitchen to clean it up, and Bailey goes “Mom why are you angry?” and I explained that I was frustrated that Claire had gotten crumbs everywhere in the living room. She looks at me for a moment and says “Mom…Claire is a baby. She is still learning.” And it stopped me in my tracks. Here I was, getting life lessons from a 3 year old. She just blows my mind. She is so mindful of people and their emotions. She cant watch a show that has people being mean and causing someone to be sad. She will beg me to turn it off because they aren’t being nice. She just has such a tender heart. I love her so much for it. She shares with her little sister, and speaks for her what she thinks she needs haha. She is desperate to play games with her, but Claire is still learning rules πŸ˜‰ (Although, I get such a kick out of watching Claire find Bailey with me in hide n seek.) Let’s see. Some fun facts haha. Bailey doesn’t like chocolate. She will eat M&MS, but thats kinda the extent of her chocolate desire. She had an ice cream sandwich the other day and ate the vanilla ice cream inside and left the shell of the chocolate on the table. It’s so weird to me haha because I could pretty much take an IV drip of it! Bailey is meticulous when she does things. Particularly when she is building blocks. She has such an imagination! She will bring me intricate towers that are usually color coded and symmetrical and so unique! She constantly amazes me.

Claire is talking much more and her personality has been exploding lately as well! She seems to have a permanent scowl on her face….but that’s just kind of her face haha. She really is a happy kid. She is just more reserved with people, where as Bailey walks into a crowded room and every single person is her friend. (Bailey was at the park the other day and she walked up to this kid and was like “Hi! What’s your name? My name is Bailey. Want to play with me?” I admire her confidence). Claire on the other hand is kinda okay being by herself. She likes to initially start out following Bailey, but then ends up wanting to do her own thing. I love how alike yet different they are. Here is a perfect example. At the park one time I look over and on one side I have Bailey sitting on the ground burying her legs in soft white sand, and across the park on the other side Claire is digging in the hard brown dirt. Neither wanting to be in the other area Haha. Claire speaks more my language in the chocolate department. I have to hide from her to eat any sweet chocolatey morsel in peace haha. Claire could sit and color forever. She lays down on her tummy with a coloring book and colored pencil and it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I love it. Claire is my climber. She will find the tinniest ledge and somehow place her tiny toes on it and climb onto everything! It keeps me on my toes for sure! She loves to sit with a blanket and cuddle up with me on the couch to watch a movie. She has learned from watching Bailey how to apologize when she has done something wrong. It is so sweet. She will be mad at me and screaming (which is more of screech. Boy this kid has some pipes on her) and she will hit me and I’ll say “ow!” With a sad face, and in the midst of her yelling and crying she will grab my face softly and say “Sahh-y.” Melts my heart every time. She is obsessed with bubbles and playing with sidewalk chalk. She will grab my hand and pull me off the couch and drag me to the front door to go outside to play chalk haha. She has some strength for such a tiny thing!

So I know this has mainly been a hodge podge of how my girls are doing, but we are just kinda doing our thing. Just chugging along and enjoying the ride as much as we can πŸ™‚ I love my sweet little family of 5 and cannot wait until March where I can see even more dynamics πŸ™‚

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch


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A lot Can Happen in a Month

Well, a lot has happened in the last month.

My parents came down to visit because they were on their way to see my brother AJ, who graduated basic training into the Air Force. I cannot say enough how proud of him I am. He confided in me when he was about 14-15 years old that he thought about going into the military. I am so glad he followed his dream. He has earned it that’s for sure. Basic training is no joke from the stories I’ve heard haha. Kudos to him for making it through with his sanity. But I loved having a visit with my folks for a couple days. The girls were sooooo happy to have some time with their Nana and Pop Pop.

Then not too long after my folks went back to Utah…my little brother Danny came to visit! He visited for about 5 days, and it was soooo much fun! I was worried that we wouldn’t be entertaining enough for a 15 year old boy haha but thankfully, he appreciates just chilling and playing games. He brought his Nintendo switch, and Bailey became his shadow haha. He also taught her some fun games consisting of Bailey tackling him while he protects himself with couch cushions hahaha it’s nice to have some boy stuff enter our girl world once in a while. I know Adam enjoyed having another man in the house! I think the highlight of his trip was when we went to see the Astro’s play in Houston. Danny and I grew up in a baseball world. We looooove it. It was so much fun. We won! And there was a special firework show afterward that was amazing. Ironically, Ally and John were there too, and only a section over from us! But it was really nice going to a night game just the three of us for his last night of fun before sending him back to Utah. Bailey still calls the spare room, “Danny’s room.” Plus she was mad that Danny took home “her switch” hahhaa.

Then the Monday after he left there was a solar eclipse. Now, I was boring and lame. We didnt get the glasses or make anything to look at it through. Adam was at work, Claire was napping, and I didnt want to stress over telling a 3 year old not to look directly at it and blind her. We didnt have entire coverage anyway, so we looked at really cool pictures afterwards. Maybe when the next one comes in a couple decades we can enjoy it more as a family haha.

THEN Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. (It hit during my birthday….it will definitely be a memorable one! Haha) We had been following it while it was in the gulf, and the damage it could bring. We decided to pack up our important documents and valuable things and enough clothes etc and hunker down at Adam’s parent’s house to wait out the storm. We had a really fun time! Granted, 5 days being stuck inside with all the kiddos got a bit crazy haha but I know the girls loved being around their cousins so much. Plus, it was really nice being around the adults and playing games and just coming together during this event in history. I am forever grateful that we are blessed to have family down the road who will take care of us no matter what. Such a comfort.
We were extremely blessed during this hurricane. Our house did not flood. Our neighborhood actually didnt flood. Adam’s parents house didnt flood. They had a generator that kicked on a couple times when the power went out, but it wasnt very often. Our roads in the area we were at didnt flood too much either. Extremely blessed. Others around us were not as lucky. It was surreal watching the news and seeing pictures and videos of places I have personally driven a hundred times, completely submerged in water. Seeing neighborhoods where the tops of cars are barely discernible from flood waters. It got to a point where even if we wanted to evacuate, we couldn’t. All of the highways out of town were flooded. The airport was shut down. We couldn’t go anywhere. I feel like I should have been more scared, but because we were with safe with family together, I felt a sense of peace. We received roughly 50 inches of rain over a few days. Broke records. Food was being rationed from grocery stores, and many other stores were bare anyway. But you know what happened out of all the tragedy that I witnessed? Goodness. Pure service. The love of God felt by those who helped each other. I watched as people were rescued by those who had large trucks and boats. Police officers and first responders working nonstop to help as many as they possibly could. Stores opening up their space as refuge from the storm, and giving away their goods that they would usually make a profit on. Ive witness miracles. I watched a community come together to help one another. I saw God’s hand in the midst of this destruction. Sometimes bad things happen. And in this case, it was awful, and I know will take years to fully recover. Many people lost loved ones and everything they owned. But there was a silver lining. People rose up to the task. Seamlessly. To help complete strangers. It brought me to tears. Adam and I were able to deliver food packages from the local food pantry, and serve lunches to those in the clean up crews, mucking out houses… and we were so humbled. Not only from witnessing flood ravaged places up close, but the attitude people had that we delivered to. They felt blessed and grateful for what they did have. Brought me to my knees in gratitude to my Heavenly Father. For not only protecting my family, but for restoring my faith in people. There are so many good people in this world. It is easy to forget when you read the news and social media and focus on all of the terrible in the world. And yes, there certainly are terrible things going on in the world, but if you’re not careful, it can confuse you into thinking there is only bad. Which is not true. I have witnessed with my own two eyes the good in people. It makes me want to be better and to serve more. It makes my heart swell with love. I pray for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Unfortunately, it is a hurricane that keeps on giving. The storm brought something in the air that does not agree with Bailey. She has a monstrous cough that bring so much mucus in her throat, that she coughs and coughs until she is wheezing, red in the face, and gasping for air. It is terrifying. Her doctor said it is allergies, and to treat her with humidifier and allergy medication etc. I just feel so helpless watching her struggle to breathe in a coughing fit. Breaks my heart.
And then on the other hand I have Claire…who does this lovely trick where she will get mad and cry, but not take a breath. She usually gets close to passing out and then will breathe. Well yesterday she fully passed out in my arms. Just went limp. Eyes rolled back. She came to a few seconds later, kind of out of it, as if waking up from a nap or something. But boy. It scared the crap out of me. Oh, and the reason she got upset? I took a book away so she could go to bed. Yeah. Gotta love my girls! I swear they are going to make me go grey before I’m 30!! Haha.

Tomorrow I hit 12 weeks in this pregnancy. Im going to actually be honest. This has been really hard. Hardest pregnancy so far. I feel sheepish even saying that, because no I am not throwing up…but I feel nauseous all the time. I don’t eat and I feel sick. I eat and I feel sick. Im sooooooo tired. I want to just lay in bed all day long. I am emotionally drained by the end of the morning usually, and we have been watching more and more movies again. (We brought the tv back out after the hurricane). I didnt realize how hard it would be having 2 toddlers and being pregnant at the same time. I knew this was the right thing to do, and I of course have zero regrets….but I am thankful this is the last baby to complete our family. Emotionally this has been hard for me. I am not used to needing so much help. Adam is my super hero. He takes care of us so well. He comes home and sees me on the couch looking terrible, with no dinner waiting for him other than if he wants to make a PBJ like we had, and he will come over and kiss me and swoop in to take care of everything. He plays with the girls and gets them all ready for bed etc. I don’t know what I would do without him. It has made me feel so guilty. I have spent many nights crying on his shoulder, apologizing for my lack of help. For not being the wife he deserves. For not being the mom the girls deserve. For feeling overwhelmed at tasks I used to run circles around. And each time, he hugs me close and wipes away my tears and looks me in the eyes and tells me I am always enough. I am creating a human being in my body. I am creating a miracle. It is okay to rest. Which of course just makes me cry more. I am so thankful for him. I married the best man in the world. I couldn’t do this without him. With starting my second trimester tomorrow…I am hoping some reprieve is on the way. Typically in the last two pregnancies, I come out of the fog in the second trimester. Praying this one follows suit!

I thank everyone for their prayers for our family. We are safe and sound, and we are doing okay πŸ™‚ I know I am not the best as asking or accepting help…but I promise I am trying to work on it haha. Please continue to pray for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. And please pray for those affected by the wildfires in the northwest, and those who may be in the path of Hurricane Irma. Terrible things may happen….but let’s be the silver lining. Let us serve others and be the calm in the storm.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

Family of 5! 6 Year Anniversary! Sea World!

So this has been quite the past couple of weeks for our family! Lot’s of happy times!

We are becoming a family of 5! We are officially due March 20th, 2018.


Both my girls were pretty punctual (Bailey born on her due date, and Claire the day before) so I feel like this is a pretty accurate time frame haha. This may come as a total surprise to some, specially since we have been hush for a bit, so here is some background info πŸ™‚

  1. Yes this was planned. Had you told me 6 years ago that I would be having my kiddos generally close together, I would have laughed. I am used to large gaps from my siblings and I all being 4 years apart. So I thought that sounded like a good plan. But the Lord had different plans for us. And I am grateful that He is in charge! I couldn’t imagine not having my girls close together! Having two toddlers isn’t a walk in the park, but I love the bond that they share, and I have grown exponentially from this experience so far. I have learned I am capable of more than I could imagine.
    Now…even so, I was thinking I would have a larger gap for the next baby. But again, I am not in charge of the bigger picture πŸ˜‰ Around Christmas time I had that feeling again. The “there’s another baby coming soon” kind of feeling. Luckily the Lord knows me and my mental ability for change haha, which is why I felt this at Christmastime. It gave me a few months to wrap my head around the idea, and then I went from not being ready at all, to actually being excited about it. We felt like we should have a similar gap with this baby as we do the girls, which would put trying to conceive around June-ish. I started tracking my period and got off birth control and in the first month of trying we got pregnant! I still have anxieties from it taking over a year to get pregnant with Bailey, so this was still a surprise haha.
  2. How do we know we are done? This is something that we didn’t take lightly. I always figured I would have 4 kids. Adam is one of four, and so am I, and it just seemed like the logical decision. I told him that when we were engaged and he was like okay sounds good haha. And that was my plan. But during the time that I had that “feeling” that another baby was ready for our family…I had a new feeling I wasnt expecting at all…that this was the FINAL baby for our family. I questioned this for a while, since I had already starting having doubts about having 4 since I was so exhausted with just the 2 I have. I thought it was maybe in my head and I was just being selfish and weak. And then Adam surprised me one day. We were laying in bed downloading the day and it had gone quiet for a bit, and then he confesses that he feels like we only have 1 more baby meant for us. And that he had felt that way for a long time, but he wasnt sure how I would react. I was shocked, because I had already felt the same thing! We both wanted to be sure this was God’s will for us, and not just us being overwhelmed. So we prayed together for a long time and we both got this very clear answer in our hearts. This was our final baby. So clear that we both looked at each other and said Okay! And havent questioned it since. I know people may not understand this, and will give us the “don’t be so sure” look that I’ve already seen a few times. But that’s okay. We are sure. haha. I have peace in our decision. I am happy and excited to complete our family. Β πŸ™‚
  3. Are we trying for a boy this time? Well, not that we really have a choice in the matter to be honest haha I am sure if there was formula for what gender you have, people would be all over it haha. We would be happy no matter what πŸ™‚ Ironically, I have this strong feeling it is another girl. I had this similar feeling for both Bailey and Claire, and I haven’t been wrong thus far haha. But I will completely love and adore any baby we are blessed with. Would a boy be amazing and awesome and new and fun? Absolutely! Would an all girl family be exciting and interesting and fun? Absolutely! So I am happy either way and will not be disappointed or wishful with either one πŸ™‚

So there you have it. Haha. Inside scoop πŸ˜‰ So far I have my usual 1st trimester fatigue and irritability haha. Food is not my favorite thing, but thankfully I am not puking or anything so far. I am guilty of passing out on the couch and waking up in a panic wondering if the girls set the house on fire though haha. But otherwise, just chugging along. Being pregnant with toddlers is a new experience. Exhausted would be an understatement, and wiping cute poopy tushies with a keen sense of smell is just fabulous haha. But it all builds character! And Bailey is so excited. She is just old enough to grasp the concept that there is a baby in my tummy, and it is all she talks about. It is adorable. She is such a Β good big sister. And I know Claire will be so happy to have a tiny companion to get into shenanigans with haha. So all in all, we are so very excited for this new chapter for our family πŸ™‚

And we also just hit 6 years married this last Saturday!


Wow! 6 years! It has been the best adventure ever. I couldn’t have asked for a better man to be the father of my children and companion to me forever. He is the total package. I don’t know how I got so lucky. Our girls adore him and there is nothing that makes my ovaries explode more than them both running and attacking him with hugs and kisses when he gets home haha. Momma has to fight her way in for a smooch!
To celebrate we decided to go to the temple and do sealings for my ancestors as a reminder of the day we were sealed. (In the Lds church, we believe that we can perform work and ordinances for those who did not have the opportunity to do so for themselves while they were alive. It is truly remarkable, and the temple is the closest I have ever felt to the Lord in my life. I hope everyone can experience the peace and indescribable love that is felt in those holy walls. If you would like to learn more, here are a couple links to a site talking about temples that is directly from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:Β and ΒΒ ) It was a wonderful experience and I am so grateful that we were able to go. I even wore the same temple dress from our wedding day 6 years prior! When we were sitting in there afterwards reflecting on our life together so far, we felt such peace. Peace that we knew we were trying our best to live how God would want us to and that we were on this path together πŸ™‚ Nothing beats family! πŸ™‚

Sea world! We went on an amazing family vacation with Stacey, Dave, Ally, John, and the boys! We went to San Antonio at a resort that had a water park and fun stuff for the kids to do (we actually went there last year as well because it’s just so awesome!) and on our last day, we went to Sea World! Now…there is something I have to disclose about myself right now…..I am the biggest Orca fan. Remember the movie Free Willy? Yeah when I was a kid I was a part of the club they had with the save the whales, and I had the same cool orca necklace that it showed on the movie and everything. To say I love orcas would not be a strong enough emotion. So when I found out we were going to Sea World, I pretty much lost my mind haha. And it didnt disappoint! It was awesome! I cried when the orcas came out on the water stage thing. Yup. I was THAT person. Haha. It was definitely a bucket list item for me. I just wish I could swim with one. And give it huge hugs. I know I know….Adam already said no…..Hahhaa. What is even more awesome, is Bailey is now just as obsessed with orcas…bwahahah, the legacy lives on! lol. Bailey even went on her first rollercoaster! They had a kid shamu rollercoaster that we called the orca train so Bailey would try it haha. She had no facial expression the whole time she rode with Adam, and afterwards simply stated “I liked it but I don’t want to go on again.” Haha. What a blessing it was to be with family and cousins and make some great memories.